Composite Deck and Porch Installation - Lansdale

Published February 28th, 2023 by Penval Construction

Our Customer had beautiful views of woods and a stream out of their back windows, but due to the original house specifications, there was only a small landing and steps to the back yard, and no way to take full advantage of the scenery other than looking out those windows.

Deck Planning and Design

What PenVal and our customer came up with was a plan to build a new, raised, composite deck in the back of the house with steps, wrap the deck around to the side of the house to allow access from there, and, to allow the most use of the luxury deck, build a porch over a portion of this new, expansive, 650 square foot deck.

Deck Demolition and Deck Structural Framing

The old, weathered, treated wood landing and stairs were torn down, fourteen 36-inch deep holes were dug and concrete foundations were poured to give the framing structure a solid base.

PenVal's Master Deck Builders then began building the framework, expertly anchoring the new decking to the house, building the access from the side of the house out and around to the back of the house where the main deck was constructed.

Deck Planking

PenVal's team created a two-level deck with a one-step step-up, built a two-tiered, stairway with a small landing up to the deck from the opposite side of the deck.

Deck Porch

Over the existing sliding back doors, PenVal built a 16' x 16' porch roof that perfectly tied in with the existing roof.

Deck Railing and Deck Stairs

PenVal finished off the deck with TimberTech's rail system in Fairway White PVC with white sleeves and caps on the post. PenVal further highlighted the deck by installing lighting in the steps and posts allowing for safe use during the evening hours.

PenVal Construction - Value, Added

 At the completion of the project, the Home Owner had added a well-crafted, valuable addition to their house that would look great and allow them to enjoy a totally new aspect of their secluded backyard.

Decking Materials

PenVal Construction utilized the following Timber Tech products:

PRO Legacy Tigerwood Planking and Facia boards

TimberTech's rail system in Fairway White PVC

TimberTech's CONCEALoc Hidden Fasteners

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