Bathroom Modernization - Philadelphia

Published November 9th, 2021 by Penval Construction

PenVal Construction, your Home Remodeling General Contractor in Norristown, PA has finished a beautiful bathroom renovation.

The old tub, vanity, floor, and toilet were removed and in its place a new modern, bathroom was built. 

As an FYI, on all jobs, PenVal Construction goes to extremes to protect your property. Drop cloths are placed in the areas where we are working as well as along the routes to those areas. We also take all debris with us if the job does not warrant a dumpster.

Bathroom Renovation - Ceramic Tile FloorBathroom Remodel - Pentangle Shower

The PenVal craftsmen leveled the floor and put down a wood look ceramic tile floor, one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry today.

The old vanity was replaced with a beautiful, white free standing vanity.

Bathroom Upgrade - Free Standing Bathroom VanityBathroom Upgrade - Bathroom Toilet

Shower Remodel

A new Framed, Pentagled shower with a custom ceramic tiled shower wall completed the masterpiece.

Bathroom Remodel - Ceramic Tile Shower WallsBathroom Renovation - Cermaic Tile Shower Walls

PenVal Construction - Bathroom Renovation Experts

For your next bathroom remodel, bathroom redesign, or bathroom upgrade call the PenVal Construction Bathroom Renovation Experts at 610-422-3997 today!

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