Ceramic Tile Masterpiece

Published March 14th, 2023 by Penval Construction

Bathroom Repair - Jenkintown

Here is part of another project PenVal Construction completed. An old water pipe leaked, causing damage to the Dining and Breakfast rooms beneath. PenVal completed repairs to both those rooms and completed the arduous task of making the bathroom beautiful again.

The PenVal team had to break through not one, but two layers of ceramic tile flooring before getting to the leaking pipe. The house, built in 1924, appears to have had a bathroom remodel sometime during those 99 years. Notice the individual small tiles laid in herringbone fashion underneath the upper octogon tile and diamond tile pattern in the photos.

Ceramic Tile - Old

After fixing the pipe, the vanity and toilet were removed, a new mortar base was laid where it was needed, the floor was leveled, a layer of thinset was put down and a beautiful octagonal patterned ceramic tile floor was laid.

Ceramic Tile - New

PenVal reset the vanity and toilet and our customer had a beautiful brand-new ceramic tile floor in their bathroom.

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