Beautiful Bryn Mawr Bathroom Redesign and Remodel Project

Published March 9th, 2023 by Penval Construction

PenVal recently completed a Bathroom Remodel that turned into a Bathroom Redesign as well. When a previous customer called PenVal back to remodel and upgrade a small bathroom, we had no idea it would turn into such a great experience for both our customer and PenVal.

Initially, the plan was just to update the vanity and toilet, update the shower space, and tile the floor. The only part of the initial plan that wasn’t going to be a super enhancement, was the fact that the house had been built in 1940 and back then bathrooms and showers were built small.

It would now look nice and be a little bit more open, but it was still going to be small. PenVal took the opportunity to really take a look at what was possible.

It turns out, that years ago, when the closet space was expanded, there was no use for some old closet space, so it was walled off. There was also an old clothes/linen closet, just outside the bathroom, almost in a room by itself, which was not the greatest utilization of space. 

Using their 30-plus years of Bathroom renovation experience, PenVal came up with…

A new plan to repurpose the unused space in the bedroom closet to the bathroom to extend and increase the size of the shower space. The second big part of the plan was to do away with the linen closet, this would open the bathroom to get light from another window as well as allow for a new, larger vanity to be positioned in that space. With an enthusiastic customer approval, PenVal began the work of demolishing the walls, pulling up various areas of the old floor, roughing in and then running the new plumbing, and rebuilding the walls.

PenVal Construction used the following Brands and Materials:

From Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, King of Prussia:

From Floor & Décor, Devon:

  • Black and White Basket-weave Porcelain Tile
  • Bright White Ice Ceramic Wall Tile

In the end, the customer was thrilled with their new, bigger, brighter, more spacious, and functional bathroom.

For your next bathroom remodel, bathroom redesign, or bathroom upgrade, call the PenVal Construction Bathroom Renovation Experts at 610-422-3997 today!

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